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Sinatra Holding is where foresight and ideas come into play. We are home to several emerging market leaders, each offering distinct products, services, and opportunities.

Our prime services cover a variety of sectors such as

Businessmen Services

About Sinatra

Sinatra Holding is a holding company for an array of sub companies with related but distinct products, services, markets and opportunities.

Established in January 2010, we started as an investment opportunity within the UAE marketplace, with the primary aim of providing a diverse mix of high-end tailored services for our valued customer base.

Each Sinatra Holding sub-company offers high- quality customer service, branded consumer products, and distinct lines of specialist products and secondary services to concierge each division’s efforts. Currently, we are operating as a corporation under the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

Brands under Sinatra Holding include

Our head office is located in the heart of Dubai, U.A.E. This allows us to have excellent access to the entire Mena region – this places us at a strategic advantage since we are also in the central hub of the East and West. Our team is composed of highly-skilled and experienced professionals from fields such as worldwide distribution, manufacturing, retail, corporate mergers and acquisitions. By building and cultivating a diverse group of talents, we are confident that Sinatra Holding is well on its way to becoming UAE’s fastest growing companies in the near future.

Our Values


Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Every time we invest and empower a business in UAE and the MENA region, we ask ourselves, “how do we ensure its longevity?”


We faithfully live up to all our responsibilities and obligations as part of the bigger whole that is Sinatra Holding, and we fully uphold proper behavior in accordance with ethical and corporate governance standards.


We strive to provide solutions even to the most complex problems by empowering highly specialized businesses with our knowledge and experience


Assisting our partners so they can reach greater heights is our primary objective


Our people are mindful of their greater purpose – they willingly share responsibility in order to attain our common vision


We create and enhance value non-stop for all our customers, employees, investors, and even the communities we serve. We proactively seek and implement opportunities that drive and sustain higher levels of organizational performance and growth, cost effectiveness, and efficient delivery of services


Assuming ownership and taking full accountability for all our actions is deeply ingrained in every individual in Sinatra Holding


Years of making history

More than a decade of investing in global markets, refining and improving our investment processes, and delivering outstanding results for our clients.

+25 Companies

An array of ventures that are unique and distinct in their own ways, all guaranteed to stand out and become leaders in the industries they belong to.

+200 Investments

We have brought to life several ideas that have the potential to transform and disrupt the global market.

+120 Teams

Our people – from top management all the way to our restaurant staff – are the secret ingredient to Sinatra Holding’s success.


We aspire to be UAE’s leading provider of premium services in multiple sectors, specifically Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, Pre-Education, Businessmen Services and Logistics.


We are committed to delivering exemplary products and services to exceed the expectations and maintain the satisfaction of our treasured clientele.

Our Companies

About WATT

Watt Charge Mobilities pioneers in eco-friendly energy with top-tier EV solutions. WattCharge, the newest addition to the Sinatra Holdings conglomerate, is a specialized company for technology and energy solutions focused on providing innovative and advanced solutions. It distinguishes itself through its steadfast alignment with sustainable renewable energy.

WATT Services

Rapid response to unexpected power depletion.
Tailored charging solutions at your fingertips.
Immediate assistance for EV owners facing critical situations.
Schedule charges based on your convenience and travel plans.
Ensures you get back on the road swiftly, minimizing downtime.
Schedule charges based on your convenience and travel plans.

WATT Vision

In our vision for the future of electric mobility, Watt Charge Mobilities envisions a world where finding a charge is never a worry for electric vehicle owners. Our vision is to pioneer solutions that eliminate charging concerns, ensuring electric mobility is always accessible, hassle-free, and available anytime, anywhere.

WATT Mission

At Watt Charge Mobilities, we embark on a mission to unlock the potential of electric mobility through renewable energy, empowering the growth of electric vehicles in the thriving UAE markets. Through cutting-edge power solutions and a commitment to sustainable innovation, we aspire to transform transportation, heralding a greener, more connected future. Join us as we charge ahead, shaping a world where mobility knows no limits.



Sinatra Holding makes waves in the sustainable transportation sector with the launch of Watt Charging Mobilities.


Collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE) - Abu Dhabi.


Sinatra takes a significant step towards fostering educational excellence with the Ministry of Education - Dubai.


Sinatra receives its ISO 22000, ISO HACCP, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certifications.


Sinatra owned 21 Chains of Restaurant in UAE associated with Sinatra Foods.


Sinatra unveils its own call center, Tawktawk.


Sinatra receives its ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications.


Sinatra signs a partnership agreement with Maximus, The largest governmental company in the world.


Sinatra unveils two new service-oriented ventures: Sinatra Rent-a-Car and Sinatra Yachts.


Sinatra continues to gain traction, opening its third business centre in just a year.


Sinatra Holding opens its second business centre and becomes a full-fledged Venture Company.


Sinatra Holding signs an exclusive deal with Shaikh Abdullah bin saud al thani in Qatar for product distribution.


Sinatra Holding signs an exclusive agreement with luxurious energy drink for the Middle East (3m lpn).


The first business centre, which can accommodate 50 Italian brands, is unveiled to the public.


Sinatra Holding enters a joint venture with IBC international to develop the first Italian hub in UAE.


Sinatra Holding is established as a subsidiary of Saudi Gates.

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