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Sinatra Holdings…

Where foresight and ideas come to play.

About Sinatra

Sinatra Holdings is a holding company for an array of subsidiaries all providing high-quality customer service, branded consumer products, and offering distinct lines of both specialist products and supplementary services to assist each division. Founded in January 2010, we established ourselves as an investment opportunity in the UAE market with the primary aim of providing a diverse mix of high-end tailored services for our valued clientele. Our consumer products are within a concise and distinct array of specialist products, with each sector of Sinatra Holdings sub-companies consistently providing our customers with the highest quality. 

Our prime service sectors 

  • Businessmen Service
  • Business Consulting
  • Tourism
  • Luxury Yacht Rental and Charters
  • Education
  • Beauty Care
  • Retail
  • Consumer Goods
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics Industries

Located in the fastest-growing economy in the Middle East, it’s how we’ve managed to stay ahead of the game.With expertise in manufacturing, distribution, retail, mergers, and acquisitions. You can count on our experienced team of experts to help you every step of the way.

Brands under Sinatra Holdings

  • Sinatra Business Centre
  • Sinatra Businessmen Services
  • Pinocchio Nursery By Sinatra
  • Nonna Lucia Restaurant
  • Dubai World Holidays
  • Sinatra General Trading
  • Sinatra Law & Consulting
  • Sinatra Rent a Car
  • Sinatra Yachts
  • Sinatra Events
  • Sinatra Gallery
  • Triple S By SINATRA
  • Urban Laundry Concierge
  • Sinatra Vita Mia Clinic

Our Values


Over 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open. We have enough experience in the UAE & MENA region to prevent that.


Integrity and consistency are the forefront of Sinatra Holdings values. As such, our corporations are governed according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates.


Running a business isn’t easy. By utilizing highly specialized enterprises with our knowledge and expertise, we aim to provide solutions for our clients. Forever.


Drive and passion is a core principle of Sinatra Holdings. Assisting our partners so they can reach greater heights is our primary goal.


In order to achieve our clients’ shared vision, our team will always be cognizant of our clients’ greater purpose. Through this, we consistently communicate with our clients to attain our shared vision.


We enhance consistency for all our customers, investors, and communities. As a company, we help to achieve higher levels of performance, cost effectiveness, and efficiency through consulting and implementation.


We aim to be leading providers of premium services in several sectors. These services include retail, tourism, hospitality, pre-education, business services, consultations, and logistics.


We are committed to exceed expectations as well as maintaining them.



12 Years of making history

With over a decade of global market investments, refinement and improvement of our processes. We continue to deliver outstanding results for our recurring and newest clients.

25+ Companies

Each of our ventures is unique in its own way, with each one guaranteed to stand out and become industry-leading companies.

200+ Investments

Our team has developed a number of ideas that have the potential to transform, and reshape global market standards for the better.

120+ Teams

From our top management to our restaurant staff, Sinatra Holding’s success is driven by its people.