The Sinatra Holding management team has between them over 60 years’ experience and a wealth of knowledge across every area and facet of our businesses. We, the management team understand small issues can mean greater implications when it comes to our customers’ confidence, which is why we deal in the detail and get to know and understand our customers in depth, not only their businesses but also them as people.

This allows us to tailor any of our services or products specifically to our customers in a way that builds confidence and genuine friendship. All our management team is accessible and will meet anytime their schedules permit. Our doors are always open because we truly understand and believe that our customers are the very essence of what makes us great.

Our management team is specifically pinpointed into the areas of the business that can drive and assist growth, whilst keeping one eye on the front windscreen looking at and spotting trends within the many areas of the businesses we operate within.

We have a wealth of experience within areas of business turnaround in difficult times; consulting within any business small or large that requires assistance in change management, employee relations, human resources or legal and compliance issues.

We understand the world markets having years of experience within western economies and cultures this experience has given us the ability to help implement growth strategies within struggling businesses dealing with western practices. This puts us centrally on the map when looking for partnerships to help establish their business and grow exponentially within the growing economy within the UAE.

We own, operate and manage a vast business array of diverse companies, so we are not limited to understanding one business channel.

Heading up our President Gabriel E. Rapisarda who deals primarily with the day to day operations and who the senior management team report into on a daily basis. Next, we have Executive Vice President Saleh Abdul Razaq Al Sabah looking into the future for our next acquisitions and partnerships. We then have Head of Operation – (Middle East & Africa) Mr. Abdullah Al Ali heading up the day to day operations across the businesses. Last, but not least we have David Williams who heads up our marketing, advertising, and media departments. David looks for niche markets big and small to tap into and market our businesses to hit our target audience with campaigns that are pertinent and in contrast to all our competitors. We don’t just scatter advertise campaigns we look at the market trends and research our competitors looking at past data to make well-informed decisions that benefit the business.

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