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Sinatra Holding is a holding company for an array of sub companies, with related but distinct products, services, markets and opportunities.
Sinatra Holding was founded in January 2010 as an investment opportunity within the UAE marketplace, with the primary aim of providing a diverse mix of high-end tailored services for our valued customer base.

The sub companies of Sinatra Holding offer high-quality customer service, branded, consumer products, and our own lines of specialist products and secondary services to concierge each division’s efforts. Sinatra Holding is currently in operations, as a corporation under the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

... Our prime services cover a variety of sectors such as Businessmen Services, Business Consulting, Tourism, Luxury Yacht Rental and charters, Education, Beauty care, Retail, consumer goods, hospitality and logistics industries.

Sinatra Holding brands include: Sinatra Business Centre, Sinatra Businessmen Services, Pinocchio Nursery By Sinatra, Nonna Lucia Restaurant, Dubai World Holidays, Sinatra General Trading, Sinatra Law & Consulting, Sinatra Rent a Car, Sinatra Yachts, Sinatra Events, Sinatra Gallery, Triple S By SINATRA, Urban Laundry Concierge and Sinatra Vita Mia Clinic.
Sinatra Holding head office is located in the heart of Dubai – U.A.E.

This location provides excellent access to the entire Mena region and a central hub in between the East and West of the world. Sinatra Holding management acquired its roots in several key areas which include worldwide distribution, manufacturing, retail, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and many other important areas that make our team equipped to make Sinatra Holding one of the fastest growing companies in the coming years within the UAE.

Harmonious collaboration, with a synergistic approach in everything we do.. Our people at all levels share the same vision moving with a greater sense of purpose and sharing responsibility for the Holding’s success towards one Goal! Success for the future.


Faithfully and fully living up to all our responsibilities and obligations as employees of a power holding! Behaving at all times in accordance with ethical and corporate governance standards.


We aspire to be UAE’s leading provider of premium services covering multiple sectors such as Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, Pre-Education, Businessmen services and Logistics.


Sinatra Holding is committed to delivering exclusive tailored services for its treasured clientele in diverse categories such as Tourism & Hospitality represented by Sinatra Yachts & Boats,

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